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Black Book: Daniela Luna, International Party Girl

Industry Insiders: Daniela Luna, International Party Girl Article and photo by Whitney Weiss I wear jacket by Bandoleiro  Black Book – October 20, 2009 Buenos Aires gallery owner Daniela Luna is just as likely… Continue reading

Art Slant: A Walk Back to 70’s New York, a la Argentina

A Walk Back to 70’s New York, a la Argentina by Whitney Weiss on 08/12/09 You’ve already read about Buenos Aires, but you’ve likely never been here. Whatever article you read probably had an… Continue reading

Art Slant New York – 2009

   NEW YORK Whitney Weiss: On Appetite in Buenos Aires 14/12/09 Any discussion of contemporary art in Buenos Aires would be incomplete without the mention of local legend Daniela Luna and her gallery, Appetite.… Continue reading