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Inauguró el Nuevo Appetite

Noktambularte WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2006 Inauguró el Nuevo Appetite http://noktambularte.blogspot.mx/2006/10/inaugur-el-nuevo-appetite.html Bzz, bzz, bzz… Diva, Daniela Luna y Luciana Lamothe Gente en el Nuevo Appetite Paula Zotalis y su raro peinado nuevo Carlos Amorales… Continue reading

Black Book: Daniela Luna, International Party Girl

Industry Insiders: Daniela Luna, International Party Girl Article and photo by Whitney Weiss I wear jacket by Bandoleiro  Black Book – October 20, 2009 Buenos Aires gallery owner Daniela Luna is just as likely… Continue reading

New York Times – March 2008

  The New York Times, 2008 Text by Denny Lee / Photo by Lalo de Almeida for The New York Times / Painting at the back by Diego de Aduriz Scruffy galleries have gone… Continue reading

Nylon magazine

Nylon Guys Text by Luke Crisell / Photo by Alex Chow “The APPETITE gallery’s booth at the Frieze Art Fair in London last year was, essentially, a pile of trash. Daniela Luna, the gallery… Continue reading

Appetite Gallery – Visions of Excess

       Appetite Gallery – Visions of Excess April 2008, Text and Photos by Kate Stanworth Published by The Argentimes and The Argentina Independent Detail from ‘Deseando Ser Barbie’ Hernan Cagliano Barbie’s… Continue reading


Time Out: APPETITE Thanks to the kick-ass energy of Appetite’s iconoclastic owner, Daniela Luna, a gang of its trash artists stormed this year’s Frieze art fair, causing a mass frenzy abroad not so different… Continue reading

Frieze – it’s all about the Art or the buy sell buy sell?

Art Sleuth Frieze – it’s all about the Art or the buy sell buy sell? Appetite Gallery from Buenos Aires, billing themselves as ‘radical and contemporary’ lived up to their name. Their space from… Continue reading

Un año incubadora

Sábado 27 de diciembre de 2008 | Publicado en edición impresa (Ver Link) Especial arte | Estado de situación Un año incubadora por Rafael Cippollini Mientras las instituciones continúan invirtiendo en el minimalismo, los artistas… Continue reading


Presentacion de la revista D en WARCLUB revista D Nota por Lucrecia Leguizamon y fotos por Lucia Stancatto(Fragmento) I´m not a fucking princess i´m a war king La no princesa del arte argentino… Continue reading

Ysterografo Magazine

Ysterografo Magazine Issue 125 See it online pages 11-20-21

The contemporary art market – mad as a rubber crutch

The contemporary art market – mad as a rubber crutch MONDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2008 by Tom Flynn Getting a press pass to Frieze Art Fair is like trying to book afternoon tea with… Continue reading

Buenos Aires, cité des arts

Buenos Aires, cité des arts CATHERINE CALLICO Samedi 26 décembre 2009 Les arts visuels explosent au sein de la capitale argentine. Des galeries à la rue. La crise du peso, en 2001, a radicalement… Continue reading

Art Info: The Fall and Rise of Buenos Aires

Art Info: The Fall and Rise of Buenos Aires August 27, 2008     When the going gets tough, the artists get going. A cliché? Perhaps when uttered by a curator or gallery… Continue reading

From Frieze Art Fair London: the developement of the Appetite project

From Frieze Art Fair London: the developement of the Appetite project by nt art gallery -International 2008-10-19 04:07:29 Each year, Frieze invites two young galleries to present a special project for their booth. This… Continue reading

Auction Central News: London Fairs & Market Report

London Fairs & Market Report – October 2008 WRITTEN BY TOM FLYNN WEDNESDAY, 22 OCTOBER 2008 Argentine performance artist Diego de Aduriz entertains visitors to the stand of Buenos Aires gallery Appetite at… Continue reading

Londoner Frieze Art in Zeiten der Finanzkrise

Published in different media, including:                  (photos of APPETITE stand at Frieze Art Fair) KUNST Londoner Frieze Art in Zeiten der Finanzkrise 16.10.2008 London – Die Leute von der… Continue reading

Dirty Daniela & APPETITE Gallery

Gisele Price Dirty Daniela & APPETITE Gallery Quel est le point commun entre : un ours rose géant avec des implants mammaires, un chiwawa enragé, le porno et les chamallows? Daniela Luna. Un jour… Continue reading

WAR CLUB, ba-london-return

by Nathan Tichenor – SUNDAY, AUGUST 10, 2008 http://ba-london-return.blogspot.com.ar/2008/08/guido-ignatti-war-club.html Buenos Aires – War Club in Boedo is more club than gallery where you can listen and dance to live dj sets. However, instead of… Continue reading

D-Mode 2006

D-Mode – mayo 2006 por Kiwi Sainz English translation,  fragment: Daniela Luna contradicts astronomic laws, she has the Earth at her feet and around her gallery/planet many of the new good artists orbit.… Continue reading

New York Times – February 2007

To find Appetite, an avant-garde gallery that everyone I met recommended, I had to return to one of San Telmo’s less atmospheric blocks. Pop-punk exuberance is Appetite’s stock in trade, its walls (and floors)… Continue reading

TPM: Galerista festeira

    Galerista festeira Cultura Pop Em Buenos Aires, uma galeria que parece um depósito bagunçado Texto por Luara Calvi Anic, de Buenos Aires Foto de Daniela Luna por Tete Almeida Em Buenos Aires, uma… Continue reading

Time Out: Let’s start a war

Time Out 2009 Time Out, by Nathan Tichenor Main photo by Anatole Transcription extracts:Arty meets party at Daniela Luna’s WarClub. Surrounded by cutting edge wall art, intellectuals and club kids, artists and collectors,… Continue reading

Buenos Aires Herald

This was my first time participating at a contest as an artist, in 2005, nobody knew me then, I just had opened my own art gallery, and this contest “Curriculum cero” by Ruth… Continue reading